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Daily Specials

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value at Champignon Cafe. Take advantage of these great specials next time you visit!

Combo #1 – $ 8.25

1/2 Panini or 1/2 Wrap ,Small Soup or House Salad

Combo #2 – $ 8.45

Any Tea Sandwich, Small Soup or House Salad

Quiche Special – $ 8.95

Any Quiche, Small Soup or House Salad

Hunter High School students:

Coffee/Tea (Iced or Hot) – $1.00

“Even from the food cart on the corner, your morning iced coffee will run you $1.50, maybe $1.25, and it’s usually watery and/or warm. The Champignon café’s $1 iced-coffee special, comes in a normal-size (sixteen-ounce) container and is reliably rich and icy.” -New York Magazine Bargain of the week, Aug 2, 2009

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